Super8, Regular 8 & 16mm Cinefilm Digitisation

What Format Do You Have?

Many of us have a box hidden somewhere in our homes that are filled with priceless and irreplaceable treasures, yet we can’t look at a single one of them! Reels of the film in formats such as 8mm, Super 8 and others were the only way to go until the development of Videotape. Some may date back to our parent’s time, others from the time of our grandparents, and maybe even those of our own childhoods.

Time is the enemy of preserving old film and videos. Future your proof your priceless visual heritage now, and trust your precious films and videos to Video Transfers, the digital transfer specialists.

We use only the latest in Film transfer technology to turn your old film reels into High Definition MP4 files, allowing easy copying, sharing, uploading and transferring of your family history for generations to come.


Standard 8 mm

Super 8 mm

Super 8 mm (Sound)

16 mm (with Sound)

16 mm film reel with no sound

16 mm (with No Sound)

Digitise to USB or Hard Drive

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from $18.00 per reel

Watch your family memories again on your Smart TV, PC or MAC
Share your memories easily by copying your MP4 files.
Edit your videos on your PC or MAC.
Preserve your memories by backing up multiple copies easily

Transfer to DVD

Order an optional DVD copy of your digitised home movies.

from $12.00 per disc additional

DVD video disc is a format we all know and trust

Watch on any Australian DVD player. International NTSC format also available.

Full motion menus & chapter points at 3 minute intervals for easy navigation.

Full colour printed DVD label with the DVD contents for



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We digitise and ship everything back to you.



Enjoy your digital MP4s, DVDs, JPGs & MP3s.

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