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Digitise Your Photos

A box or album of old photos is a time sensitive mixture of chemicals.
Some are used in the development of the photos; others slowly leach out of the pages of albums. Precious photos of older family members may not survive the ravages of time, no matter how carefully stored they are in an album. Only the latest in digital technology, scanning and digitising your precious memories and converting them into digital files, will ensure your photographic heirlooms can be safely passed down from generation to generation. The earlier you act, the better the end result, so don’t waste time and call the photo digitisation experts at Video Transfers today.


Scan at 1200dpi. 6″ x 4″ photo yields JPG image approx 6900px x 4600px (30MP)
All images will be converted into high resolution JPEG files
Bulk scanning options available at a discounted rate
State of the Art colour correction used
Images rotated if require-the end result is future proofed, and easily shared, copied or viewed

Slides, Negatives, Medium Format Negatives

We transfer 35mm slides, negatives, digital images on disc, or still photograph prints to video, DVD or CD, or a USB or Hard Drive. 35mm slides are scanned using a designated Nikon slide scanner at a resolution suitable for your needs. Whether you want to print a poster size image or simply crate a photo slide show, our scanner can handle it!

Photographs can also be printed using a still image from a DVD or VHS. For quality purposes, the maximum recommended print size is 5” X 7”.

Speak to one of our friendly consultants today to discuss your digital media requirements.

Service Includes:


⦁ Other DPI options available
⦁ Handled with care (minimization of scratches and dust)
⦁ Image cropped to original size and layout is correct
⦁ Different slides formats are available

Added extras (additional pricing)
  • Manual correction of colour and image brightness”
  • Slides will be removed from any packaging, scanned and placed back into their original order
  • Slides will be scanned in no particular order at the base pricing.
  • All Slides are physically removed from any sleeves, boxes or carousels that you supply to us and replaced in no particular order.
  • Minimum charge $40.00 on all image scans.

High Resolution

(2″ Mounted)
Resolution Per
All Loose Photo Prints(5CM* 5CM) to A4 Ungrouped 300dpi $0.80
All Loose Photo Prints(5CM* 5CM) to A4 Ungrouped 1200dpi $0.90
All Loose Photo Prints(<5CM* 5CM) and > A4 upto A3 & Ungrouped  600– 1200dpi $0.95
All Photo Album Pages(Pages removed from albums-Single Full Page Scan) 600dpi $1.95
All Photo Album Pages(Pages removed from albums-All Photos on Page Scanned Individually) 1200dpi $0.75

Pro Resolution

Slides & Negatives(Scanned to JPG)
(2″ Mounted)
Resolution Per
35 MM mounted slides/ 35 MM Negatives 3000dpi $0.90
35 MM mounted slides/ 35 MM Negatives 4800dpi $1.20
Mounted slides/ Negative-110,126(square),127(large square) Half 3000dpi $0.90
2 inch Mounted slides/ Negative-110,126(square),127(large square) Half 4800dpi $1.20
Large Format slides/ Negatives 120,220 etc 2000dpi $2.20


NOTE: If USB is required, we will supply one for an additional $12, Photos that cannot be removed from albums or frames will be scanned at $3.10 per page