Turn Your Photos Into Digital Images

What Format Do You Have?


Up to 8 inch by 10 inch
Colour & Black and White


35mm Strips
Colour & Black and White


All 2 inch Mounted
Colour & Black and White

Medium Format Negatives

Colour & Black and White

Digitise Your Photos

A box or album of old photos is a time sensitive mixture of chemicals.
Some are used in the development of the photos; others slowly leach out of the pages of albums. Precious photos of older family members may not survive the ravages of time, no matter how carefully stored they are in an album. Only the latest in digital technology, scanning and digitising your precious memories and converting them into digital files, will ensure your photographic heirlooms can be safely passed down from generation to generation. The earlier you act, the better the end result, so don’t waste time and call the photo digitisation experts at Video Transfers today.


Scan at 1200dpi. 6″ x 4″ photo yields JPG image approx 6900px x 4600px (30MP)

All images will be converted into high resolution JPEG files

Bulk scanning options available at a discounted rate

State of the Art colour correction used

Images rotated if require-the end result is future proofed, and easily shared, copied or viewed

Slide Scanning

Have your slides scanned to digital before they deteriorate for good. We scan up to a massive 4800dpi print resolution. Your slides are air brushed clean to remove loose dust particle build up then individually colour corrected (where possible) to easy to use JPG image files.

.79c ea


All 2″ mounted formats: 110,126,127,35mm, 35mm half slides

Scanned to 3000dpi or optional 4800dpi High Resolution JPG.
Basic Colour correction included

Basic Dust & Scratch reduction included

Slides individually air dusted

Your 35mm Negatives to Digital

Just when you thought your negative photos were lost and buried forever in those tattered photo packets, we can scan any colour or black & white 35mm negatives into JPG images that you can reprint, share with family and preserve for all time.

.79c ea

Al 35mm colour and B&W negative strips

Scan at 3000dpi (Optional 4800dpi)

Basic colour correction

Basic Dust & Scratch Reduction
Dust removal via cloth, brush & compressed air
Perfect for archival, slideshows, sharing and printing.

Medium Format Negative Scanning

Do you have some unusually sized large negatives that have been kept in the family heirlooms for decades. We can scan medium format negatives into digital JPGs so you can revive those long lost or forgotten family memories.

1.49c ea


We can scan colour and B&W 120 and 220 negatives

Scanned to 3000dpi High Resolution JPG.
Basic Colour correction included

Basic Dust & Scratch reduction included

Negatives individually air dusted


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