Digital Audio transfers

Audio Transfers


Audio Cassette converted and mastered audio CD

Code Description Price
ACD Mastering Audio Cassette to CD $40+GST
DAT Mastering DAT Tape to mp3/wav or CD $50.00 per hour+GST
Vinyl Mastering Vinyl Record to mp3/wav or CD $40+GST
MicroC Micro Cassette to mp3/wav or CD $40.00+GST
ReelAudio Reel to Reel Audio(first 100ft to tape) $80.00+GST
ReelAudio Reel to Reel Audio Per foot $0.36 Per foot+GST
ATACadd Additional CD Copies $6.00+GST

Cleaning and Repairs

Code Description Price
RVHS VHS Video Tape Repairs $30.00+GST
RAC Audio Tape Repairs $20.00 +GST
RDV Mini DV, Hi8, Video8, Digital8 Repair $40.00+GST
TV Micro Cassette to mp3/wav or CD $22.00+GST